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George's Journey: Blasting off the old, painting on the new

A few more pics of George... how could you not love such a sweet grill?

The serving window was already cut out of the side of George when we bought him. He was meant to serve, serve good pie.

Big truck, big potential.

We decided to forgo the ‘prison rig’ vibe by removing the metal partition. After scraping and then sandblasting the black spray foam from the walls, George got a fresh coat of paint.

The floor had to be removed due to rot, it will be replaced with diamond plate aluminum panels. The front of the cab and ceiling got a new coat of paint.

Bare walls and a shiny painted ceiling. A clean slate for things to come.

The driver's seat needs some final touches, but the cab is looking real nice.

A little personal touch, handmade resin shift knob compliments of our daughter Molly.

Still working on the horn, but we installed an ignition slot with a key to match. When we bought George, the only way to turn on the engine was with a screwdriver! George derserved his own key.

Thanks for chugging along with us on George's Journey. More updates will be posted soon.

Keep on rollin'


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